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It’s Important To Have Goals

I haven’t been watching webcams for very long when I think about the big picture. As soon as I discovered Cam BB though, I knew it was exactly what I was missing in my life. You see, I don’t get out very often. I’m not a fan of crowded places and I tend to get rather awkward when I’m around a female that I find attractive. Webcams allow me to interact with hot babes and practice what I would say in person. Sounds corny, I know, but it’s what works for me. I try out my lines on them and they tell me what works and what women want. 

The other night I was chatting with rach_rach and she was giving me some great advice. It’s hard to concentrate because she’s just so beautiful, but she’s really easy to talk to. She’s only 19 so she completely gets me and never makes me feel embarrassed. When I’m feeling horny, she’s always able to say just the right things to get me going and then she finishes me off strong.