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The Ultimate Party

In my younger and clubbing days I considered Party Hardy the ultimate party of all parties and had many fantasies of attending such an event. Now that I’m older and my clubbing days are over, I am perhaps just a little less besotted by it but other than that nothing has changed.

I would still be absolutely thrilled to be part of such a scene and since I am a bachelor, I would be there in a heartbeat if by some miracle such an invitation made its way to me.

To perhaps sidetrack just a little; I have always been very curious about the extras in these scenes as the blonde lady on the left with the little black dress catches my attention.

These specific events are of course staged and I wonder how you decide to be an extra in something like this. If you’re going to have yourself be identified in a porn scene you may as well go the whole hog and get paid really well for it right?

Anyways, get Party Hardcore with this $9.95 discount pass and let your imagination run wild.