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Inexperienced Girls and Bad Guys

They call themselves¬†6CocaCola9 which is a pretty cool name I think for such a young couple. It has the ying yang effect twice in the name with a fitting sexual connotation. Perhaps it’s by chance but I’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt.

I keep saying “they” yet there’s only a girl in the pic. Reason for that is that she’s sexy and I think he looks like a total douche. They are Russian too and I have to be honest that my personal experience of Russian guys, especially teens and those in their twenties is that they are complete assholes. Just shitty people and this guy looks no different.

I realise that is very judgemental and perhaps makes me a bit of an asshole just for it. Be that as it may.

I am fascinated why young and inexperienced girls so often fall for the bad girls and then want to cry crocodile tears when they get their hearts broken. It’s like they first have to go through that rude awakening before, well, before they wake the fuck up.

Wow, There’s a Lot to Mention

So she calls herself -ladyGaga-. The amount of things you could read into that which is very likely true, but that you rather shouldn’t because none of those are compliments to this young blonde.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words but it’s pretty clear that would be an insult to this pic which tells a story of so much more than that figure.

Where does this leave us then with this girl?

The important stuff of course; she takes her clothes off and play with herself on live cam for our entertainment. That’s what this site is about and that she does to perfection so nothing to fault her on then actually.

She has the blessing of the youth backing her and she’s making the best of that while she can. That’s some solid thinking right there. I mean, who doesn’t want to see perky tits, a butt you can bounce a coin of, buttery smooth skin and a great smile?

On top of that we can have a chat with cam slut -ladyGaga- as well.

The Ultimate Party

In my younger and clubbing days I considered Party Hardy the ultimate party of all parties and had many fantasies of attending such an event. Now that I’m older and my clubbing days are over, I am perhaps just a little less besotted by it but other than that nothing has changed.

I would still be absolutely thrilled to be part of such a scene and since I am a bachelor, I would be there in a heartbeat if by some miracle such an invitation made its way to me.

To perhaps sidetrack just a little; I have always been very curious about the extras in these scenes as the blonde lady on the left with the little black dress catches my attention.

These specific events are of course staged and I wonder how you decide to be an extra in something like this. If you’re going to have yourself be identified in a porn scene you may as well go the whole hog and get paid really well for it right?

Anyways, get Party Hardcore with this $9.95 discount pass and let your imagination run wild.